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Looking for a Manual Traffic Exchange..? is officially the best traffic on the web

This site is a great way to get completely FREE advertising
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We Offer
2:1 Surf Ratio
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50 Sign Up Traffic Credits
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50 Traffic Credits
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25% Commissions
50% If You Are A
Pro Member
From Your Downline Purchases.

How does it work?

It really is simple, all you need to do is add your promotions into our rotation then watch "surf" other members sites to earn some credits to keep your promotions in circulation...

Once you join you simply look at the promotions and after a timer has elapsed you click the "image" button and watch some more...

(it's like watching adverts on a television)

How much does it cost..?

How much..? Absolutely nothing!!!, We do offer packages for people
who simply don't have the time to "surf" but this site is a completely FREE way to advertise your promotions.

Is there anything I need to do.?

Just surf 25 pages to activate your account, you then will recieve your signup credits.
You then are able to add your promotions into the rotation. That's it. Surf to top up your credits.

Also remember that not only will you receive FREE traffic
to your promotions but you can also build a downline and earn 25%-50% commissions for any purchases they make...

Surprise Cash Surfs Can Happen At Any Time,
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